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It’s April… Time to check your tools! Testicular Cancer Awareness.

Check your Tools - MKM & Oddballs

Don't get me wrong, checking for testicular cancer is always important. Still, Builder's Merchants MKM are encouraging tradesmen across the UK to participate in their 'Check Your Tools' campaign as part of Testicular Cancer Awareness Month this April. It's time to check your tools! Following a successful launch last year, MKM has once again teamed up with The OddBalls Foundation to raise awareness and knowledge around testicular self-examination while raising funds and promoting open conversations among men.

Most common cancer in men aged 15-49

The campaign marks the second year of the partnership between MKM and The OddBalls Foundation, with charity representatives hosting self-examination workshops at several of the builder's merchant's 100-plus branches across the UK. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 15-49, with 2,300 new cases diagnosed annually. Although one of the most treatable forms of cancer in men if caught early, it still claims an average of 60 lives in the UK each year.

Nicola Ollett, Head of Marketing at MKM and creator of check your tools says the company is encouraging its branches and customers to take the opportunity to do some good and potentially save lives. The biggest issue surrounding self-examination is a lack of knowledge about what to look out for. Still, a self-exam only takes a minute, and being familiar with the look, feel, and shape of your testicles can help you spot any abnormalities early.

2,300 new cases per year

Ollett also emphasizes that awareness of regular self-examination is crucial as testicular cancer is highly treatable if caught early. Last year's campaign was a huge success, with branch directors and customers sharing positive feedback on The OddBalls Foundation workshops. This year, MKM aims to provide even greater support for its customers and the work of The OddBalls Foundation.

The OddBalls Foundation, founded in 2015, aims to educate people on the basics of testicular cancer and encourages regular self-checking to promote early diagnosis and ultimately save lives. Kieran Kelly, Foundation Manager at The OddBalls Foundation, says working with MKM last year was fantastic in spreading the word of how vital self-examination can be. The foundation is excited to launch Check Your Tools for 2023 and appreciates MKM's proactive and positive support in promoting testicular cancer awareness.

The message is clear - It’s April, testicular cancer awareness… Time to check your tools!

Original Article - Written by MKM Building Supplies for Construction Buzz

Check your tools - MKM Building Supplies in association with Oddballs


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