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Why Choose CCBD Group?

01. Delivery

We can Ensure fast delivery & results

By entrusting your requirements to CCBD Group, you align your business with a team of industry professionals with extensive experience and well-established relationships. This synergy guarantees faster delivery of our services, resulting in accelerated returns. Our utilisation of time and resources enables your business to optimise its operations, freeing you to concentrate on the core competencies that demand your expertise. Rest assured, as we nurture your business growth with utmost dedication.

02. Sustainability

Time To Grow

Sustainability plays a crucial role in a business's success and the industry's well-being. Building a solid business plan for Contractors involves innovative strategies and valuable client relationships to ensure long-term viability.

When it comes to Main Contractors, Developers and Local Authorities, their path to sustainability lies in fostering effective teamwork and managing supply chains with care. This approach guarantees projects are completed on time and within budget, with the right Subcontractors who have been thoroughly vetted contributing their expertise.

The industry's sustainability results from the collaborative efforts between Subcontractors and Main Contractors. By working together, they bring projects to life that not only benefit society but also make a positive impact on the environment.

03. Multiple Divisions

Every Service You Need

CCBD Group is streamlining construction as the UK's number one fully integrated Construction growth service. Our divisions and services have been designed to support Contractors across Construction in achieving one goal: growth.

Whether that growth is winning new clients and work, supply chain management and procurement support, a brand new marketing strategy and new organic content, gaining Health and Safety accreditations or tender pricing support. There's nothing we can't do to support you and best of all... it's our time and resources, not yours.

04. Experience

Client Experience Generated by Our Own

With an impressive collective experience of over 30 years in business development and construction, CCBD Group has established strong and enduring relationships within the industry. By leveraging our expertise, strategies, resources and client network, we can help our clients achieve growth while minimising operational disruption and maximizing efficiency.

05. Streamlining

Our Mission Statement - Streamline Construction for All

CCBD Group are quickly becoming a Nationally recognised name across Construction because we streamline our clients' operations.

In 2023, we supported 287 UK projects with a combined value of £1,903,365,880. We helped these projects by streamlining our client's supply chains across 627 trade packages, all via our pre-vetted client base of Contractors.

Providing Contractors with these critical relationships streamlines their growth by ensuring they are with the right client for the right project at the right time.

We also supported several of our clients in gaining the relevant Health and safety accreditations needed to engage with the client. Our Tender pricing division worked round the clock to ensure our clients submitted accurate and competitive bids.

CCBD Group - 2023 totals
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