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Our Sustainability

CCBD Group will contribute to creating a more sustainable future for our families, our clients and our team.

At CCBD Group, we remain committed to sustainability and continue to lead and encourage others to join us in improving the health of our planet.

01. Digital Platforms

We utilise digital platforms in place of any printed media. We contribute to the sustainability of the planet and people but also reduce operating costs for our clients and us, innovate new business models and improve brand reputation.

02. Inspire Innovation

Digitally mature organisations know that becoming more inclusive, responsible and sustainable inspires innovation to securely keep business models resilient and diversify revenue streams across multiple ecosystems.

03. Zero Waste

It is a popular challenge for people to try and have a “zero waste lifestyle” where their impact on the environment is minimal. CCBD Group strives to become Zero Waste in as much as we can! We encourage Zero Waste within our team. 

04. Waste Walks

CCBD Group decreases carbon emissions and reduces costs by implementing waste walks. This is where the team take a step back, walk the floor and identifies wasteful activities. It is a fun way to get everyone involved to create ideas to decrease our office’s impact on the environment.

05. Great Coffee

Great coffee is essential to the CCBD team, so we strive to buy eco-friendly and responsibly sourced coffee from our local coffee shops using single-usage/recycled cups.

06. Location, Location

Our location is the hub and our energy to run our business well. We do this from recycled and converted shipping containers, which we call the CCBD heart! Incredible to think what we sit in has crossed the Atlantic a few times.

Our HR Initiatives.

CCBD Group has various HR initiatives and actions with a sustainability focus or element:

  • Adopting a long-term view of the needs for and of future employees.

  • Recruiting people with a committed mindset and physical investment in sustainability.

  • Embedding an organisational culture and climate encourages healthy living and more.

  • Ensuring employee participation to harness sustainability concerns and ideas.

  • Implementing an office environmental policy, e.g., recycling, education and the use of sustainable suppliers.

  • The team celebrates Earth Day on 22 April each year with a theme such as consuming only plant-based food for the day. 

  • Promoting walking and cycling to work with facilities to support this.

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