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Smashing the Concrete Ceiling: How Construction Companies Can Shatter Gender Barriers.

Once a year every year, we celebrate International Women's Day, and rightly so, but how can construction companies ensure that throughout the year, they are doing their absolute best to close the gender equality gap? To keep promoting women into the positions that they deserve?

In today's blog, I will look at how construction companies, big or small, can promote gender equality. The gap is still a big one that we can all work towards closing.

Let's begin with some statistics:

Women comprise only 14.5% of the construction industry's workforce in the UK (ONS).

Only 2% of on-site workers are women (The Guardian).

The gender pay gap in construction is 26.9%, compared to the UK average of 17.3% (ONS).

55% of women in the UK construction industry say they have experienced gender discrimination in their workplace (Randstad).

Companies with more diverse teams have been shown to have better financial performance (McKinsey).


Gender inequality is still a significant issue in the UK construction industry, with women significantly underrepresented in the workforce. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), women comprise only 14.5% of the construction industry's workforce. Construction companies can promote gender equality by adopting policies and practices that support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Here are some ways construction companies can promote gender equality in the UK:

Establish Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) policies:

Developing policies that promote a culture of inclusivity and diversity can attract and retain a diverse workforce. Ensure that these policies and practices are embedded in all business areas.

Implement gender-neutral recruitment processes:

Gender-neutral recruitment practices, such as using gender-neutral job descriptions, can attract a diverse pool of candidates. Also, consider partnering with organizations that can help connect you with diverse talent pools.

Offer training and development opportunities:

Training and development opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender, can help build a more diverse and skilled workforce.

Create flexible work arrangements:

Offering flexible work arrangements such as part-time or remote work can help retain women who may face additional caregiving responsibilities.

Encourage leadership diversity:

Gender diversity in leadership roles can foster a more inclusive culture, and diverse teams have been shown to make better decisions. Encourage women to apply for leadership roles and provide mentorship programs to support their growth.

Celebrate and acknowledge diversity:

Recognizing and celebrating diversity through various initiatives can create a more inclusive workplace culture. Encourage employee resource groups and events that celebrate and promote diverse perspectives.


By promoting gender equality, construction companies in the UK can create a more diverse, inclusive, and productive workforce. It's time to take action to improve the industry's gender imbalance.

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