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Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Business Development.

Let's be honest. The last few years have seen many changes, global pandemics, Brexit, fuel and energy price hikes, companies struggling with the cost of materials and many companies, unfortunately, didn't survive.

Today is all about saving money where we can. For example, wearing three jumpers and four pairs of socks will be my household's contribution to this year's winter!

On a serious note, are you fighting an uphill battle for work and struggling to find the right marketing solutions? Are you finding it more difficult or time-consuming to get the right opportunities with contractors? Maybe you don't have the time to price the jobs you are applying for? Or you may have a specific project you lack the in-house capacity to complete?

Whatever your challenge, outsourcing your business development process to a company with expertise is an effective and, more importantly, cost-effective way to realise your goals.

Outsourcing provides a preferable solution to hiring an internal candidate for Business Development, on average hiring is going to cost you £32,000 per year in salary and that's before any benefits, pension payments or holiday time.

CCBD Group has proven relationships with 5000+ contractors under our Consultancy Division, we achieve a 60% quicker return on ROI, an in house division to take care of all your Digital Marketing needs, along with 6 other Divisions that are all here to assist with your every need.

Stop wasting time and money, enquire today.

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