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What's it going to take for you to adopt Digital Marketing?

On average, the construction industry is around ten years behind other industries' attitudes toward adopting Digital Marketing to support their business growth.

When I first heard that statistic, I was astonished! We live in an ever-evolving world of technology, and whilst, understandably, many don't want to adopt it into their personal lives, I'm not convinced that leaders of companies aren't interested in how Digital Marketing could improve their business. Therefore, my question is - what is holding them back?

Let's be honest if I wanted to buy a car, I'm not going to buy a printed copy of auto trader anymore, and I'm not even sure they still exist. My point is that I can open my phone and go into an app. Instead of just seeing a car and its specs, I can see a video, multiple pictures, reviews, running costs and other vital information before buying. It's the perfect example of how digital adoption has benefits for industry and how in the right hand's something from the past can be dragged into the future.

There are many benefits to adopting Digital Marketing for your construction business; below are some fascinating results from a 2021 Construction Front Line Survey. I have provided a few examples.

* Digital Marketing Establishes Connections

Curating a thoughtful online presence has become essential for construction leaders. Over half of social browsers use social media exclusively to research products, and 7 of every ten specifiers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it to their colleagues.

* Digital Marketing Is More Professional

Your business should be represented within a thoughtfully designed website. This website must complement your online presence, creating a fluid conversation that continues through your social media channels and instantly introduces the user to your brand.

* Digital Marketing Gives Authority

When digitalisation is discussed, construction is among the sectors showing a greater resistance with arguments like "we always get our work through word-of-mouth" or "we are a successful, no frills industry… Digital communication has no place here". Traditional tactics are valid, but with over 80% of companies updating their approach, traditional might not cut it anymore.

* Digital Marketing Guarantees Efficiency

62% of the interviewed construction leaders considered capturing forms and making physical documents such as quotes digitally would make the sales process streamlined and more efficient. 71% said improving invoicing or adopting e-invoicing would enable more manageable payments, and 53% believed it could improve cash flow management. Yet it would seem that most are still opposed!

So even though over half of the firms surveyed admitted that the sector has been very slowly adopting digital, results show that attitudes towards digitalisation within the construction industry are almost instantly rewarded, reducing operating costs and increasing employee productivity. But the changes that come together with digital transformation go beyond adopting new technologies.

More companies must invest in the future, move into the digital realm, and streamline their business models. The benefits are abundant for the greater good of all their employees, their bottom line and their company's wellbeing.

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