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The big problem of building waste and how to tackle it.

Our industry post this week comes from our very own Chris John.

Did you know?

  • By 2018 62% of the UK's total waste came from the construction industry

  • 13% of materials which are ordered to the site are never used and go straight into the waste

  • Plastic in construction makes up 23% of the UK's total consumption, with 40% of this sent to landfill

  • The construction industry uses 400 million tonnes of materials yearly, with 100 million tonnes turning into waste.

The UK government and environment agency look to tackle this problem head-on and eliminate avoidable waste in construction of all kinds by 2050. They will achieve this by:

  • Ensuring companies are compliant with legislation

  • Save natural resources

  • Reduce co2 emissions

  • Excess materials to be stored and re-used

  • Reducing the level of plastics used

  • Bring in money by collecting and recycling materials

  • Better tracking of the ordering process

If you want to read more, please click the link to the full article HERE.

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