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Liz Truss is Our new PM - The Construction Industry Reacts.

Liz Truss Speaks Outside Number 10 Downing Street

So Liz Truss is now firmly in number 10, she has assigned her cabinet, and we are about to hear their plans for the ever-increasing worry of the energy prices!

Whether you are a Conservative supporter or not is actually pretty irrelevant at the minute, we are where we are, and all we need to know is how will any of the decisions made affect us directly or indirectly. One thing is for sure there are tough times ahead for us all, and an equally important question would be how will this affect our construction industry?

When I search for topics for this blog, I always look for the most engaging posts, blogs that share the most helpful information and actually, quite often, this is penned by someone much better at this than me! Therefore if I think this information is worthy, I want to share it with our audience. No matter how big or small that audience is, spreading purposefully enlightening and educational information is pretty much all I want to achieve here.

As difficult as it might be, for this information and to gain any sort of benefit from it, we need to disconnect any political views; that's not to say that you should abandon your opinions but, just for a moment, put yourself into neutral. As I stated before, we are where we are, and we deserve to know what impact this change in our government might have on construction.

The article I would like to share was penned by Dave Rogers of It's very informative, thought-provoking and useful. I would urge anyone with a spare five minutes to have a read.

Fracking Ban to be Lifted in the UK

Liz Truss ‘to ditch fracking ban’ as she reveals fresh cost-of-living support

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