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You Should Be Checking Your Junk!

Check your Email Junk

Why? should you check your email junk folder at least once a day? It's really simple, you may well be missing out on golden opportunities.

Sometimes, we are guilty of the old 'select all & delete'. Your junk email folder can be more than a little overwhelming, and the temptation to delete it all is the easiest way to deal with it. But today, I'm going to share some reasons why this is a bad idea, and as painstaking as it may seem, it's worth looking through before you decide to rid yourself of it all.

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The rules for why emails land in the junk (or spam) folder are inconsistent. In fact, more and more emails are landing in the junk mail folder than ever. Some emails are now getting blacklisted or spam listed, some have website links that your email considers “bad”, and some domains are listed as junk overall….so the best way not to lose out is to check that folder daily.

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Sometimes, regardless of the good intentions, emails just don't make it through the various email providers' rigorous spam filters. True story, in the past, I produced music and was emailed the parts to a song for a remix opportunity. That song became one of the biggest dance anthems of all time! And why did I miss it? Because the email went to junk, and I found it months later! As you may guess, I'm still a little bitter about that incident, and I may even shed a tear or two every now and then.🥹


Put simply. You may be missing out on good business opportunities!


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There is money is in your junk mail!

New client requests, scheduled appointment requests, payments, etc. You can never tell what caused this necessary money-making email to land there, but if you don’t look, you won’t see it.

There are great vendor opportunities out there that can support your B2B efforts. You don’t want to miss them when they come along, especially if they reach out with services that are to your benefit, so go check that Junk folder!

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