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Where is the best place to buy tools right now?

In the interest of saving money in an ever-climbing financial crisis, we are looking into the best places to buy tools!

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Suppose you are an active member of the construction industry. In that case, you will already know a couple of things, firstly the cost of everything is rising, and whether we like it or not, we will all need to save money where we can. Secondly, many larger-scale companies have access to buy equipment at reduced rates because they may well buy 100 drills in one go. Still, the smaller, one-person gang or someone just starting a new business won’t need 100 drills or may not have that luxury of bulk purchase ability.

We’ve looked at four of the most popular suppliers (according to Google) of all things tools just for those out there looking to pick up some new toys whilst not breaking the bank.


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Toolden has a very comprehensive catalogue of goods, a regular section of current offers of discount and over 14000 Trustpilot reviews. The website also boasts a somewhat helpful toolkit builder where you can select the brand of your choice and build the perfect toolkit to suit your needs.

They also offer 0% finance with Klarna and Clearpay. And Novuna with an interest rate from 13.9% if you want to pay over a more extended period.

Delivery is free for all orders over £50


ITS Website Screen Shot


By its own admission, ITS has a massive range of power tools available on its website, which also offers a toolkit building tool, and they hold just over 30,000 reviews on Trustpilot. They have achieved an excellent rating, and much like Toolden they offer 0% finance via Paypal on orders of over £99. However, they also have a vast sale currently running where you may find various valuable tools at a cut price.

Delivery is free the next day for orders over £100


Toolstop Website Screen Shot


Toolstop offers a great deal of new and existing tools, browse their current top 40, or weekly picks and special offers.

Finance is available via Klarna either in their pay in three instalments or over a longer time with a respectable 9.9% over one or two years if you want a lower payment and more time. As with ITS they have just over 30,000 Trustpilot reviews and an excellent rating.

Delivery is free next working day for all orders above £49


Screwfix Website Screen Shot


The benefit to using Screwfix is that whilst their prices may be a touch higher on tools than the other online vendors in this article, they have 800 store locations dotted all over the UK. They carry a lot, including power tools, but their main competition would be your well-known brands such as Wickes and B&Q. Hence, collection in person is possible in the most significant areas.

Delivery is free standard next day on orders over £50


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