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Top Pranks For Construction Workers.

There's a lot of tragic news going around lately, and we don't want everything to be doom and gloom. With that in mind, we are looking at some light-hearted pranks today. Join us and alleviate some of that stress and worry!

Top Pranks Heading

Now we aren't here to advocate dangerous activity on a construction site, but at the same time, there has to be some light relief! There is a lot of pressure on our industry right now, and often the best way around it is to have a good laugh at work. It's a hard days graft for many that can be broken up with a prank or two, but equally, if you are a "prone to prank" employee such as an apprentice, this post may save your skin if you know what's coming.



Fix A Coin To The Ground

This one is great if you work in an area with high foot traffic. Fix a coin on the ground and watch as people continue to try and pick it up! Watching their reactions as they try but fail every time is so funny. For more laughs, this can be done with a paper note too.


Jump Start a Saw

This requires a straight face to pull off this prank. Usually, it works best if you find a younger crew member and tell them to run the chain saw blade along a stretch of concrete to jump-start the saw. The video of this prank can be viewed here: (Explicit Language Warning, though)


Tool Box
Nail A Toolbox Down.

Remove your targets tools from the box, nailing the bottom of the box to concrete, and putting the tools back in will make the box look normal. But when they attempt to pick it up, the look of confusion and the laughs will be priceless!


Plaster/Concrete Strength Test

Challenge a collegue to the plaster bag strength test. When he lifts the bag of dry plaster over his head, cut the underside of the bag with a sharp knife, letting the dry plaster spill out onto the individual!


Wheelbarrow Proficiency Test

This prank is almost believable if you're not wise to it. The video shows an apprentice who has been told that HSE requires him to do a ‘Wheelbarrow Proficiency Test.'


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