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Top 5 Construction-Themed Youtube Channels

And Why You Should Check Them Out.

Everyone is watching Youtube! Whether you are doing it for professional reasons or just to relax, maybe you are watching an AMSR vid or tech review, or you are looking to see how others might tackle that project you have been putting off at home.

One way or another, YouTube is the most significant social platform and will undoubtedly have a video you will be interested in. It's also somewhat of a rabbit hole, one minute, you are watching a review of the latest smart device, and two hours later, you might find yourself watching a video on how to communicate with a giraffe!

There are millions of construction-related videos and many channels to follow, so which ones are actually worth it?

We will look at our top five; it's always interesting to see how others approach a project, but more than this, if you have spare time, there can also be a real bonus to your business, even if we are the most experienced, so let us delve in and take a good look.


The B1M The B1M is hosted by Fred Mills, who has worked with a leading UK contractor and decided to start a YouTube channel with a mission to change the industry's perception and attract more people to work in it.

All videos are less than 10 minutes long, focusing on an extraordinary project, exploring some phenomena or ideas, sometimes bringing the history behind some iconic buildings and sometimes reaching into the future to show us how we may build in 10 or 50 years' time.


That Tile Chick

Schannon Yodice and in August 2020, she quit her 9-5 corporate job and has flourished as a tile setter and entrepreneur. She might be newer, but her knowledge is not. Each video gives you an “ah-ha” moment; even with clips as short as 30 seconds, you might just change how you tile. Schannon’s YouTube Channel has thousands of views, and her videos cover everything from waterproof foam board installation to plumbing and even prepping subfloors for tile.


Construction Channel

Telling the real-life stories of builders pursuing their craft with the challenges and successes they experience along the way. You can watch the day-to-day operations and experience the milestones, challenges, and delays from the start of a project ‘til it’s completed.

With just over 22k subscribers, they may not be the leader of the pack in terms of followers, but the content they provide certainly is. Their goal is to influence builders and remodelers and improve the construction world while inspiring the next generation.


Michelle Hands

A site engineer who uses her experience of working in a male-dominated environment to help and inspire other women who want to pursue a career in construction.

She shares her work on-site and how she builds her career. She also gives tips on tackling complex issues that women in the construction industry can encounter.


Insider Carpentry

Spencer Lewis is a master trim carpenter who hosts his own YouTube Channel with over 124K subscribers and more than 14 million views! And this is NOT your average DIY channel.

It’s chocked full of professional advice and real pro tips for industry professionals. Spencer tackles issues like installing coffered ceiling boxes, how to make oval window casings, tips and tricks on staircase carpentry, and even tool reviews.


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