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The Best Construction Podcasts You Might Be Missing Out On... Still.

Updated for 2023!

Microphone for Podcasting

For some, podcasts are now their favourite streaming companion. Whether on a commute, chilling out at home, for informative purposes or a good laugh, there is a podcast for any topic you can think of!

Therefore we would like to share some links to construction-orientated podcasts in the UK. Listening to these podcasts will give you alternative opinions of the presenters and the vast range of topics. Still, it can also assist you in knowing what's happening within the industry and sharing informative information throughout the community.

Of course, podcasts may not be your thing, but if you enjoy listening, these recommendations are a worthwhile place to start.




A weekly podcast in which veteran construction industry journalists Bishop and Taylor have a natter about some of the week's events in the UK construction industry, seeking meaning even where none may exist.


Construction Big Breakfast Podcast

Construction Big Breakfast

Construction Big Breakfast, where they give you a hearty serving of insider tips and business strategies to help fuel your day so that you can thrive in the construction industry.


Mass Timber Construction with Paul Kremer

Changing Construction

Mass Timber Construction is sweeping the planet. In a world-first, the podcast brings to you the latest mass timber construction news from around the globe each week. Special guest episodes with members of the global AEC community. Sit back, relax and enjoy some refreshing content.


ICE South Branch Podcast

The Built Environment Innovation Podcast

ICE South Branch Committee presents a podcast discussing the latest projects, methods, and ideas in Civil Engineering in West Sussex, Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight. Our guests are specialists in their chosen field and come from a range of disciplines within the Construction Sector.


Construction Voices

Digital Construction Conversations

The Constructive Voices Podcast is all about inspiring change within the construction industry. We focus on finding great stories about organizations and people doing something constructive within the construction industry.


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