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Fourth New Construction Minister Named.

Nus Ghani has been named the new construction minister, the fourth person in the role this year.

The Wealden, East Sussex MP takes over the brief from Jackie Doyle-Price, who left earlier this month after just two months in the post.

Keeping up with the changes in our government lately can be a tough task! The fact that we famously had a lettuce that lasted longer than a Prime Minister, I think, tells us all we need to know!

As stated before, I'm by no means a political expert, but even I can see that the road this country is currently heading down is uncertain.

Ghani, the fourth construction minister this year and ninth in just four years, was elected MP for Wealden in 2015. She held the post of parliamentary under-secretary of state at the Department for Transport from January 2018 until February 2020.

Before her career in politics, she was employed by the charities Age UK and Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and later for the BBC World Service.

Construction is one of 16 different areas of responsibility in Ghani’s ministerial portfolio. It includes advanced manufacturing, automotive, life sciences, infrastructure and materials, maritime and shipbuilding, industrial decarbonisation, economic shocks, supply chains, skills, retained EU law and Brexit opportunities.

This article from Construction Management explaining the issue as a "ministerial merry-go-round" is frighteningly accurate, and this superbly written article can explain much better than I can.


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