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Burnley Campus, BB10 1JD

Barden Ln, Burnley BB10 1JD

Scope of Work

Client has stated: the project consists of the following groundworks this includes repositiioning drainage, due to the current drainage falls within the area of the new playground. The works will include adding new doorways to classrooms for access to the playground and there will be the moving of car parking spaces. Work will be carried out in the library, which will be to construct interior walls and a new doorway to access the library for the public. In the old sixth form building there will be interior works from M&E works with a new power supply needing adding. There will be the construction of new corridors to be added to the main area of the school to allow access for the classroom. The lecture theatre will be getting a foyer added to it and there will be a new entrance made for the school and a foyer with a new reception area.


Carpentry & Joinery

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